4 Pros businesses are experiencing with chatbots.

There’s no doubt that chatbots are all the rage! From kids asking those glowing hockey pucks to play their favorite song to that customer service dialogue box that pops up while you’re browsing on car dealership websites. They’re everywhere!

But should your own business get “botty?” Here are 4 pros of using chatbots in your business.

1.) They’re faster and they can work 24/7!

In many cases, bots can help you provide faster customer service than a human. They can also provide customer service on your website 24 hours a day. What’s more, they don’t need weekends, holidays, vacations, or sick days off.

When online customers have questions, all they have to do is ask the bot on your website. There’s no waiting for a human to look it up because the answers are a few keystrokes away.  On top of that, bots are limitless in the number of people they can manage as opposed to a human who must take one customer service inquiry at a time.

2.) Increased Customer Satisfaction

If your customers get satisfactory answers and speedy service, they’ll be happier, shop more, and return again.

3.) Lower Labor Costs

Using chatbots gives you an advantage when you are trying to keep costs down especially when minimum wages are forever on the rise. Since you don’t have to pay for employee benefits, chatbots usually cost less than what you’d pay an employee for the same task.

4.) Chatbots can hold several titles

It’s possible to use chatbots in more than one area in a business. You could use them for customer orders, customer service, and advertising just to name a few.

So those are the pros of using chatbots but buyer beware! There are some limitations.  Stay tuned for part two of this blog in which we explore the cons of using chatbots.

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By: Vince Vitale